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Albinism Awareness Day

Zoom celebration for International Albinism Awareness Day on 13 June 2021

Guest post from Roselle Potts, Chair of the Albinism Fellowship

To mark International Albinism Awareness Day* on 13 June the Albinism Fellowship is running a mini conference on Zoom.

The event will kick off at 2pm and after a brief introduction session there will be 3 choices of session to join in with:

1. A session for parents whose children have been newly diagnosed with Albinism.

2. A ‘cook along’ session for children and teens.

3. A discussion session for adults with Albinism.

Roselle Potts, Chair of the Albinism Fellowship, said: “ During the past difficult year of Covid-19 and lockdowns we have used technology to enable people with Albinism and their families to continue to connect, share and celebrate. We hope that lots of our community will join in on 13 June”

To find out how to sign up for the mini conference go to

  1. For more information about the Albinism Fellowship Baby Box Scheme, or for interview and photo requests, please contact Roselle Potts at the Albinism Fellowship email: [email protected]
  2. For more information about the Albinism Fellowship, which provides help and support to children, their parents and adults with albinism in the UK and Republic of Ireland, please visit:
  3. About International Albinism Awareness Day*. International Albinism Awareness Day is marked every year on 13 June to celebrate the human rights of people with Albinism around the world. It is marked with specific events in various countries, social media activity and campaigns. The United Nations’ General Assembly proclaimed 13 June as this specific day with a resolution it adopted in 2014.

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