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One of our main objectives at the Nystagmus Network is to provide information and support to the nystagmus community. To achieve this we have been working hard reviewing all of our documents to make sure they are up to date, readily available and appeal to a wide audience.

Not only have we have produced brand new leaflets on nystagmus which we are busy posting out to eye departments across the country, we have also made all our publications for adults, children, parents and teachers free to download from our online shop here.

We want to make sure that everyone receiving a nystagmus diagnosis will know they can turn to the Nystagmus Network for support! If you can’t find any of our new leaflets at your local eye clinic, please let us know by clicking here and we will get in touch with them.

Wide range of topics

These documents cover a wide range of topics from font size to friendship, from coordination to confidence. Whether your nystagmus was diagnosed when you were a baby or you’ve only just discovered that you have nystagmus, the Nystagmus Network is here to support you.

One of our most popular documents is the newly updated ‘Wobbly Eyes’. The first incarnation of this booklet was produced back in the 1990s to explain nystagmus to a child and help them and their parents and teachers come to terms with the condition. The brand new version serves exactly the same purpose and has been designed to appeal to a child, gently outlining what it means to have nystagmus.

“As a QTVI I always recommend the Nystagmus Network to parents and schools where pupils have nystagmus. Great work at getting information out there.” – Janet

There’s more to come!

But we’re not stopping there! There’s much more to come. Your help in the form of membership subscriptions (you can sign up here), fundraising and donations, means that we will be able to continue our important work.

We’ve already begun drafting a brand new book, with the working title ‘Nystagmus explained’. Written very much in plain English and layman’s terms, this book will cover the more medical aspects of nystagmus such as diagnosis, causes, heredity and lifelong effects. It will serve to explain some of the clinical terms you may hear from your ophthalmologist and give you the confidence to engage in discussions with them.

Far from being sent home with just that one word ‘nystagmus’ ringing in your eyes, our publications will empower you to take control, build your knowledge and manage your life with nystagmus.

“Brilliant. Thank you. Been trying to explain things to my six year old” – Marilena

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