Nystagmus Network Open Day – Saturday 25 September

Thank you to everyone who joined us for virtual Open Day 2021. We enjoyed some fabulous live sessions together.
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Speakers and Presentations

Jay Self
Jay Self Associate Professor
Clinical and Experimental Sciences, Faculty of Medicine University of Southampton

Consultant Ophthalmologist University Hospital, Southampton

Helena Lee
Helena Lee Associate Professor
Clinical and Experimental Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton

Honorary Consultant Ophthalmologist University Hospital, Southampton

Nystagmus Network Clinical Advisers, Jay and Helena, answer your questions about how to prepare for video appointments, what you can do to support your vision and when things will start to get back to normal.

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Harshal Kubavat headshot
Ask an expert

Members of our expert panel of clinicians and researchers answer your questions about nystagmus testing, treatments and therapies, quality of life and the future for research.

Panellists confirmed include:

Helen Kuht, Research Orthoptist, Ulverscroft Eye Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour, University of Leicester

Gemma Arblaster, Lecturer in Orthoptics, Health Sciences School, Division of Ophthalmology and Orthoptics, The University of Sheffield

Ifigeneia Manitsa, Psychology Researcher and Lecturer, Kingston University London

Nikita Thomas, Research Associate and Optometrist, School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University

Chair: Harshal Kubavat, Nystagmus Network volunteer

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Iona Alexander
Dr Iona Alexander
Researcher in Human Sleep
Circadian Therapeutics

Nystagmus and Sleep: Following their Sleep Study, Dr Iona Alexander and Ruby Warden, researchers in the measurement of human sleep and circadian rhythms, explain why we sleep, why the eye is important for sleep timing and give an overview of their research. This session includes questions from the nystagmus community.

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The School of Optometry at Cardiff University.
The School of Optometry and Vision Sciences Cardiff University

Jon Erichsen speaks with delegates at a Nystagmus Network Open Day.
Professor Jon Erichsen Cardiff University

Jon Erichsen, Katherine Ward, Onyeka Amiebenomo and Nikita Thomas demonstrate nystagmus and eye tracker studies and issue an invitation to members of the nystagmus community to take part in their research.

Express your interest in taking part in nystagmus research in Cardiff here

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Ifigeneia Manitsa Psychology Researcher and Lecturer Kingston University London

Examining the socio-emotional and educational development of adolescents with vision impairment: in her PhD thesis, Ifigeneia has investigated the social inclusion of adolescents with visual impairment and its impact on their self-esteem and their academic performance. She has also investigated the effect of social inclusion on the social competence of adolescents with visual impairments. She has developed her own theoretical model to conceptualise social inclusion with particular emphasis on the socio-emotional needs of adolescents with vision impairment. Ifigeneia hopes that her research will raise awareness about the academic and social needs of students with vision impairment.

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Hannah-Elisabeth Ricketts
Internal Communications
Richard Blackmore
Nystagmus Network

Nystagmus in the workplace: Zoom doom or an accessibility dream?
Our workplaces have changed pretty radically over the last few years. So, what’s the brave new world of work like for people with nystagmus? What have we learned about ourselves, our employers and our careers? 

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Mike Cain
Associate Solicitor
Leigh Day

With a specialism in employment law and discrimination in the workplace, Mike discusses aspects of employment law in relation to nystagmus with Sue from the Nystagmus Network. Please note that this content is not intended as, nor to be to interpreted either generally or specifically as, legal advice from Mike Cain or Leigh Day.

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Gemma Arblaster head shot
Gemma Arblaster University of Sheffield
David Randall testing the VR head set
David Randall University of Sheffield
Anne Bjerre head shot
Anne Bjerre University of Sheffield

The team from the Academic Unit of Ophthalmology and Orthoptics, University of Sheffield, explain the nystagmus oscillopsia simulator app; the Nystagmus Information Pack; eye movement recording with the Eyelink 1000+ and a new, mathematical model for nystagmus.

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Kathryn Fielding
Kathryn Fielding
Senior Development Officer
Goalball UK

As the UK’s Goalball players bask in their success on the court at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, Kathryn gives us an introduction to this most inclusive sport and invites everyone to ‘get involved’.

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For our younger audience

An origami duck

For children aged 0-8 years We have selected two charming animations to engage little ones.

RECORDED – watch any time Register here to attend

For children and young people aged 8 years + We have selected a family friendly movie for you to enjoy.

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Mervyn smiles for the camera.
Mervyn Thomas University of Leicester

Frank Proudlock against a mountainous background
Frank Proudlock University of Leicester

The University of Leicester nystagmus update, presented by Mervyn Thomas and Frank Proudlock, the team recently awarded funding from Nystagmus Network and Fight for Sight for a new nystagmus research project and a new PhD studentship.

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Event sponsor

Meet the College

QAC is a national college for people with disabilities. They offer courses for young people aged 16-25 years, as well as employment focused and supported living programmes.

Meet the college team and find out more about what the college has to offer.

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Maria Theodorou speaks at a Nystagmus Network event.
Maria Theodorou Consultant Ophthalmologist Moorfields Eye Hospital

In her presentation, Maria Theodorou explains the optical, clinical and surgical treatment options for cases of vertical acquired nystagmus.

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Sam Jones
Meet the Trustees

Meet the Nystagmus Network trustees and ASK THEM ANYTHING! They will be answering YOUR questions on the future direction of the charity.

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Tim holding an award
Tim Hands

End of Open Day Networking Event

Nystagmus Network staff and trustees warmly invite members of the nystagmus community to join them for a fun social networking event. We will kick off at 7pm sharp with our big team quiz, followed by our inspirational speaker, Tim Hands, our prize raffle draw and the announcement of our nystagmus champions of 2021.

LIVE AND INTERACTIVE from 6.45pm Register here to attend

Interrupt the Routine logo
Interrupt the Routine

Our fun and fabulous general knowledge quiz

We can guarantee you some challenging questions in a VI friendly format with our fabulous Quiz Masters from Interrupt the Routine. Join us from 6.45pm for a prompt 7pm start. May the best team win!

LIVE AND INTERACTIVE at 7pm sharp Register here to attend

Parents networking.
Parents’ Forum
Tuesday 21 September 8pm
Please contact us for details

A woman undergoing a sight test.
Acquired Nystagmus Forum Wednesday 22 September 5pm
Please contact us for details

People chatting.
Congenital Nystagmus Forum Thursday 23 September 7pm
Please contact us for details

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