Our biggest ever investment in nystagmus research

Thanks to the generosity of our members, fundraisers and supporters and our longstanding partnership with Fight for Sight, the UK’s leading eye research charity, the Nystagmus Network is delighted to be able to announce our biggest ever funding commitment to nystagmus research.

At the Nystagmus Network nystagmus research workshop in September 2018, charity trustees asked the UK research and clinical teams what was the single most meaningful way the charity could support the further development of nystagmus research. Their answer was to fund a post doctoral post. They asked, the charity listened.

Vivien Jones, chair of the Nystagmus Network’s research committee, said: “We are delighted to be joining Fight for Sight in funding a new research doctorate post for nystagmus. This means we will be bringing new expertise into the field, which we are very pleased to do. It is the biggest investment we have made in research and we are grateful to all those who fundraise for us for helping to make this happen.”

Details of the new funded post and application process are below:

Call for the Fight for Sight / Nystagmus Network Project Grants 2019-2020
Fight for Sight and the Nystagmus Network are pleased to offer a joint Project Grant award for up to £250,000 over three years. The call is open to both clinical and non-clinical research scientists wishing to lead a research project to address sight loss associated with nystagmus. The aim of the call is to build research capacity of post-doctoral researchers.
Nystagmus is a complex visual impairment, characterised by involuntary eye movements, affecting focus and depth perception. Currently there is no cure available.

The call for preliminary Abstract Applications opens in early May 2019 via our online system grants.fightforsight.org.uk. The award is highly prestigious made on a fully competitive and peer reviewed basis. The call follows a rigorous two-stage application process. For more details of the assessment process please visit our grant making process.

• Applicants must be affiliated with UK academic or medical institutions but the research can be undertaken in the UK and/or overseas.
• Applicants must have a contract of employment which extends beyond the termination date of the award
• Research addresses visual impairment associated with nystagmus

The deadline for Abstract Applications is 11 July 2019. For shortlisted applicants the closing date for Full Application submissions will be 21 November 2019. The successful applicants of the 2019-2020 grants round will be notified in March 2020.

Contact Us:
For any queries relating to your proposal please contact Fight for Sight Fight for Sight: [email protected]

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