Sam to run London 10k for the Nystagmus Network

Sam Jones, Nystagmus Network trustee and runner, introduces himself.

I was born in 1983 with Cone Dysfunction and Nystagmus. Because of me, my mother, Vivien Jones, founded the Nystagmus Network. Next year I’ll be running my third London marathon to raise funds for the charity, so I’ve decided to run the London Vitality 10k and the Chase the Sun this year, in preparation for 2019.

I have Cone Dysfunction and Nystagmus, which means fairly strong sensitivity to light (my eyes are secretly blue but I wear brown lenses!), very short sight and occasional oscillopsia (the world shakes about). I’m completely colour blind, too.

I take my running seriously. I finalised the training vision, finessed the training strategy, drafted the training implementation plan and gave a bit of thought to the training work breakdown matrix. I also bought myself a fitbit. Then I finally got out to do some running!

It’s a real privilege to be running for a cause so close to my heart and I’ll be giving it my all on the day.

To sponsor Sam, please visit his Justgiving page. Thank you.



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