Jeans for Nystagmus Genes: Delilah’s story

Delilah’s story: Delilah is helping to raise awareness of children’s genetic disorders with the UK children’s charity Genetic Disorders UK and their annual fundraising day, Jeans for Genes Day. This year, Jeans for Genes Day runs from Mon 16 – Fri 20 September and invites everyone to wear their jeans to work or school in … Continue reading Jeans for Nystagmus Genes: Delilah’s story

Jeans for nystagmus Genes

Any school can take part in Jeans for Genes Day. Pupils and staff can wear their jeans to school for a day and make a donation to charity. How to get your school involved Check they haven’t held a Jeans for Genes Day in the last 3 years. Ask the headteacher or other member of … Continue reading Jeans for nystagmus Genes