A woman supports a child with music and movement exercises.

Our new Facebook groups

The Nystagmus Network has launched 3 brand new official Facebook groups this week to help members of the nystagmus community come together to share their experiences, their problems and their successes and offer each other help and encouragement when it’s needed.

All three groups have Nystagmus Network staff members Sue, Sara and Debbie as admins to make sure everyone gets the information and support they need. They are joined by our trustees and volunteers from time to time, depending on the subjects under discussion.

Join our Facebook Parents’ Group here

The Nystagmus Network Facebook Group for parents of children and young people with nystagmus. Share your experiences of diagnosis, early years and education support.

Join our Facebook Adults’ Group here

A Nystagmus Network Facebook Group for adults living with acquired or congenital nystagmus. Share your experience of employment, sports and leisure, getting around and general day to day living.

Join our Facebook Friends’ Group here

A Nystagmus Network Facebook Group for our fundraisers, members and supporters.

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Information for Parents

The Nystagmus Network provides much needed information for parents of newly diagnosed children and babies . We understand that this is a very difficult time and that there is sometimes not very much information available. 

Our free to download Parents Booklet provides a clear introduction to the condition and gives parents an idea of what to expect and how to support their child.

Resources for teachers and parents

The school summer holidays may have only just begun, but for teachers this is the time they think about preparing all those courses and lessons for the new school year.

The Nystagmus Network understands that teachers want to be particularly geared up to support children in their class with nystagmus. That’s why we’ve produced our Teachers Booklet, full of simple hints and tips to make sure that learning is accessible for visually impaired pupils.

Here’s what one teacher says about our booklet:

“I’m about to have a child in my class with nystagmus and have been given the booklet for teachers by his parents. I’ve found it extremely helpful and clear in my preparation for the year ahead. Thank you.”

Download your free document today!