Call for applications

The call for the joint Nystagmus Network / Fight for Sight £250k award to undertake a three year nystagmus research project, is now open.

Vivien Jones, chair of the Nystagmus Network’s research committee, said: “We are delighted to be joining Fight for Sight in funding a post-doctoral researcher for nystagmus. This means we will be bringing new expertise into the field, which we are very pleased to do. It is the biggest investment we have made in research and we are grateful to all those who fundraise for us for helping to make this happen.”

This investment comes as a direct response to an appeal by the nystagmus research and clinical experts attending the UK nystagmus research workshop 2018, hosted by the Nystagmus Network.

The deadline for abstract applications is 11 July 2019. 

Apply here.

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