Harry recovering.

Guest post – Harry’s recovery from surgery continues

Harry and his family continue their post surgery journey.

Ian writes:

On day 7 after the op Harry is able to open his eyes for longer periods, the blurry vision is settling down and he is able to see much better. He is still having to have eye drops 4 times a day for the next month and is taking pain relief still. He is really positive about the outcome, although he is a bit bored, spending his summer holidays stuck in the house.

In terms of the pain, Harry has been really brave and coped with it well. I would say that during the first 2-3 days he has been in a lot of discomfort, particularly when trying to open his eyes. Now he would describe it as an ache and a more irritating, itchy feeling (the stitches in the eye). Trying to stop him rubbing his eyes has been a challenge.

After 13 days Harry is able to open his eyes pretty much as he did prior to the operation. The soreness around his eyes has calmed right down. He is still a little bloodshot, but his eyes look so much better than they did the first 7 days. Harry has commented that the pain (which is bearable and more of an ache) is less at the front of his eyes, but more of an internal ache from the back of the eye.

His vision is settling down and he thinks it’s now similar to pre-op, but looking straight ahead.

Harry is getting used to a change in his peripheral vision, following the change of eye position. The consultant said this is natural and his brain will retrain to adapt to this shortly.

The best news is his ‘null’ point is still there, but in the new eye position.

This is the end of Ian’s account, for the moment, of his son’s recovery from null point surgery. The family wanted to share the experience with others. Null point surgery is not for everyone. Please seek advice from your ophthalmologist. The Nystagmus Network does not endorse or otherwise any particular medical treatment. We are simply sharing one family’s experience.

We wish Harry a full recovery.


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