The eye logo of the Nystagmus Network with the registered Trade Mark symbol 'R' included

Nystagmus Network® Trade Marks

The Nystagmus Network charity name and logo are now Registered Trade Marks thanks to the advice and support of our friends Simon, Sarah, Akber and Ella at the London law firm, Fox Williams LLP.

Begun as a self-help group in 1984 and a registered charity in England and Wales since 1990, the Nystagmus Network has taken this next step to protect the integrity of the charity and provide reassurance to our members, supporters and the nystagmus community that they are interacting with a bona fide organisation.

From now on, wherever the name of the charity or the logo appear, you will see the registered trademark ‘R’ symbol alongside it. No unauthorised use of the name or logo is permitted.

Nystagmus Network®