A Nystagmus Network research workshop

UK Nystagmus Research Meeting takes place

Researchers and clinicians representing nystagmus centres of excellence from Cardiff, London, Plymouth, Sheffield and Southampton gathered in Birmingham on Friday 28 September as guests of the Nystagmus Network ahead of the charity’s annual Open Day to plan the way ahead for collaborative nystagmus research.

Jon Erichsen and Matt Dunn from Cardiff University, Maria Theodorou from Moorfields Eye Hospital, Dominic Burdon from the University of Plymouth, Helen Griffiths and Anne Bjerre from the University of Sheffield and Jay Self and Helena Lee from the University of Southampton met to share outcomes of their recent and ongoing research in a spirit of openness and with a view to forging ahead with ever greater collaborations between the centres in the future.

Also at the meeting were Neil Meemaduma, Head of Research at Fight for Sight and Nystagmus Network trustees from the charity’s research team.

Each team went on to present to delegates at the Nystagmus Network Open Day the following day and chat with families in the Research Hub.

Fight for Sight and the Nystagmus Network were delighted to be able to announce the successful recipients of three new joint funding grants for nystagmus research at the meeting.

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