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Nystagmus Network research investment 2020 – 2021

An update of our post doctoral award

For those of you eagerly awaiting news, alongside charity trustees, of the outcome of 2019/2020 applications for the new post doctoral research project into nystagmus, jointly funded by the Nystagmus Network and Fight for Sight, we can now share with you the somewhat disappointing news that the project grant will not be awarded this year.

Research priorities

Sadly, although the applications received were strong and very much in line with research priorities laid out by the charity on behalf of the nystagmus community, the expert members of Fight for Sight’s Grant Assessment Panel found that no application met the stringent success criteria required in this very competitive research arena. A post doctoral award is highly prestigious and offered on a fully peer reviewed basis.

Next steps

For the charity this was initially seen as a setback, but it also serves to highlight our faith in Fight for Sight to carry out due diligence on our behalf and the importance of wise investment in robust research projects which are most likely to yield tangible benefits for those living with nystagmus.

Two new research grants

In consultation with our funding partners, Fight for Sight, the Nystagmus Network has now decided to repurpose the hard won monies already committed to the post doctoral project into funding one post-graduate researcher to address visual impairment associated with nystagmus (a new PhD studentship) and, in addition, to provide a further grant award for a clinical research study focusing on quality of life and one or more of the following: cause (including genetics), diagnostic testing/analysis and treatments.

Funding future research

It is very positive news for the future of research for the Nystagmus Network to be funding PhDs, as it establishes a pipeline of work leading to breakthroughs into treatments for nystagmus.

New time scales

Following a rigorous application process, again overseen by experts at Fight for Sight, we expect to award our PhD nystagmus studentship in March 2021. The additional small grant will be awarded in September/October 2020 or March 2021.

Nystagmus Network Honorary President and chair of the charity’s research subcommittee, Vivien Jones, said:

“Through the new nystagmus PhD studentship we shall be bringing new brain power at a significant level to the nystagmus research table. We are also delighted to be continuing the small grant scheme which is an effective way of supporting research projects.”

You can help us keep investing in nystagmus research by donating to our research fund.


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