Our wobbly week competition

It’s wobbly week! And it’s Nystagmus Awareness Day this Thursday, 20 June.

We want to raise as much awareness of nystagmus as possible and make sure that everyone has a chance to take part, so today we’re launching our wobbly week competition:

Nystagmus is

Following on from Roger’s amazing description of his nystagmus, we want you to tell us what it’s like to have nystagmus – for you. So whether you’re young or a little older, whether you have congenital or acquired nystagmus and wherever you are in the world we want to hear from you.


There will be 1 adult winner and 1 child winner of our competition, with a choice of fabulous prizes on offer, including free membership of the Nystagmus Network for one year, a free place at Open Day 2019 in Cardiff, a T-shirt in your size and a knitted Nystagmus Network mascot.

All entries will be compiled into a brand new digital publication which will be free to download from our online shop at the end of the year, helping us continue to raise awareness of nystagmus well beyond wobbly week.

How to enter

Please complete the form below to enter our wobbly week competition.

Closing date: Sunday 23 June.

Good luck!

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