A screenshot of the Nystagmus Network UK research workshop on zoom, showing thumbnail images of 20 delegates.

Nystagmus Network hosts UK research workshop

On Friday 2 October, the Nystagmus Network once again hosted the annual UK nystagmus research workshop.

This is an opportunity for researchers, clinicians and academics to get together to share their work and plan greater collaboration. They are, after all, all working towards the same goal. The workshop took place via zoom.

Nystagmus Network trustees and staff were delighted to be joined by nystagmus experts from

  • The School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University
  • The Ulverscroft Eye Unit, University of Leicester
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital, London
  • Royal Eye Infirmary, Plymouth
  • Academic Unit of Ophthalmology and Orthoptics, University of Sheffield
  • University of Southampton and Southampton General Hospital

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