2 distance shields alongside 2 Nystagmus Network logos.

Please give me space

Now that lockdown measures are easing, lots of people, including those who are shielding for health reasons, are keen to ensure that social distancing guidelines continue to be followed.

Some blind and partially sighted people are concerned about difficulties with maintaining social distancing and are sometimes even resorting to not going out. If you have nystagmus it can be challenging to judge distances.

That’s why RNIB have worked with the Cabinet Office to develop a series of optional Please give me space badges you can print, wear or show on your phone. The idea is that people will immediately understand that you need space, but may find it difficult to maintain, so will help you by keeping their distance.

The logo of the 'please give me space' initiative - a yellow circle with a person in the centre, with two arrows pointing out to either side to indicate space and the words 'Be kind. Thank you for understanding.'

Find the badges on the government website here.

The Distance Aware initiative

Similarly, the new Distance Aware initiative is also welcome news. Using a series of distance ‘shields’, it enables individuals and organisations to politely prompt ongoing¬†distancing and respect of individual social space. The scheme has recently been endorsed by the Department of Health and Social Care to promote the ongoing need for distancing. Also supported by the Welsh Government,¬†the badge and poster templates are available to download here.

5 different distance aware shields. Each is a different colour with a chevronned border and in the centre a 2-way arrow indicating distance. Image includes logos of the Dept of Helath and Social Care, NHS Wales and the Welsh Government.

The Nystagmus Network hopes that the two schemes will help people living with nystagmus and low vision to stay safe, maintain their quality of life and continue to enjoy their independence.

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