Please give me space

Now that lockdown measures are easing, lots of people, including those who are shielding for health reasons, are keen to ensure that social distancing guidelines continue to be followed. Some blind and partially sighted people are concerned about difficulties with maintaining social distancing and are sometimes even resorting to not going out. If you have … Continue reading Please give me space

Sara on the NHS front line

Sara works hard part time as Information Support Officer with the Nystagmus Network, but did you know she also works on the NHS front line? She’s even working today on her son’s birthday. Her role is with a busy doctors’ practice. Sara says: “I manage a team of 10 receptionists and support all the clinicians … Continue reading Sara on the NHS front line

Happy Birthday, Nye!

On 15 November we mark the birthday of Nye Bevan, the founding father of the National Health Service, which marks its own 70th birthday this year. Although it is not clear how he acquired it and how it affected his life, Bevan is known to have experienced nystagmus. Aneurin Bevan (15 November 1897 – 6 July 1960), … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Nye!