Roger stands in his garden.

Nystagmus is … a guide for adults

A fabulous new publication, Nystagmus is … a guide for adults, is now available FREE from our online shop. The booklet is inspired by the wonderful Roger (pictured), who first contacted us with the idea last Nystagmus Awareness Day. He began with the words: “I have enjoyed nystagmus for nearly 80 years” and went on to outline his suggestion of asking people who live with nystagmus to describe it for others.

The end result of that project is full of contributions from people who have nystagmus, describing how they feel about it and how it affects their lives. For the first time you can read what it’s like to have nystagmus by the people who really know.

When we shared an advance copy of Nystagmus is … with Roger, earlier this week, he said:

“It’s fabulous and should open up a whole new understanding of vision disability awareness and training. I am proud to have been part of it and proud that you took up the challenge of getting and sharing your members’ feedback.”

Download your copy of Nystagmus is … here