A young child undergoing a health check

Joint letter calls on health leaders to improve eye care for children and young people with learning disabilities

From the Visionary newsletter:

SeeAbility’s Eye Care Champions have led the writing and submission of a letter to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and Chief Executive of NHS England with their easy read ‘manifesto’ for better eye care for people with learning disabilities. This submission has been supported by Visionary and over 80 other charities, including the Nystagmus Network, individuals and organisations who also want to see improvements. The letter to health leaders singles out three key calls being made by the Eye Care Champions (opens Visionary website):

  1. NHS England continues with the expected rollout of its NHS Special Schools Eye Care Service, as progress has stalled.
  2. That every new Integrated Care System has a community learning disability eye care pathway.
  3. To ensure everyone with a learning disability is eligible for NHS sight tests, as people with learning disabilities are at such a high risk of having a sight problem.