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Support for visually impaired jobseekers

RNIB and BlindAmbition present a 16-week series of free weekly webinars to support visually impaired job seekers achieve the next stage in their career: finding a new role, entering employment, starting an apprenticeship, or starting up a new business. The webinars will cover a range of topics from CV writing, different ways to market yourself and interview tips. There are 16 sessions in all. You can join any or all of them. Details of the first 3 below:

21 February 19:30 How to present yourself: 

Image, body language and confidence 

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28 February 19:30 Goal setting: 

Where I’ve come from, where I am and where I am going. The importance of goal setting, why we need it, how to set SMART objectives, determine your objectives, are you on track? 

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7 March 19:30 A skills audit: SWOT analysis 

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, identify gaps and plan to address them. 

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BlindAmbition takes over the Working Age Forum

BlindAmbition is pleased to announce that it will be taking over the running of the Working Age Forum (WAF) for Visually Impaired People endorsed by the RNIB. The forum is a relaxed, sociable space for visually impaired people to meet, learn and inspire each other to achieve their best lives. The forum has been run for many years by London Vision but recent strategic changes have required a new home. Blind Ambition is extremely grateful to London Vision for its dedication in running this valuable support network and is honoured by the opportunity to continue this work and broaden it to cover the entire UK.

BlindAmbition has been working with the RNIB, Shaw Trust and other leading disability empowerment organisations over the last two years to help blind and partially sighted people get into work with a series of employment webinars aimed at every aspect of the employment journey, from CV writing, to interview techniques and harnessing government support available. Alongside this they offer one2one coaching to help people with their employment journey. Each month there will also be a 5 minute slot in which they put the limelight on a “VIP of the month” to share their story and success as well as tips on technologies and other topics of interest for the forum. The WAF builds on this existing partnership to further help support blind and partially sighted people. It will continue every second Wednesday each month from 6-7pm on zoom while they consult with members on how best to develop the concept. They will be looking to develop the WAF further to enhance skills with rebuilding, revitalising, reskilling, redirecting and recruitment in the employment journey.

Seema Flower the MD of BlindAmbition who is also registered blind said:

“At BlindAmbition we’re extremely excited to be helping blind and partially sighted people to find work and the rewards that come from it. We mustn’t forget that we’re helping people. Everyone has dreams and ambitions which is why it’s so exciting when participants share their success stories and you see how much impact a little care and support can have in people’s lives.”

BlindAmbition helping blind and partially sighted people achieve their dreams.

To join the first session of the series, please register using this link.