Volunteer for the Nystagmus Network

The Nystagmus Network is on the look out for more volunteers to help us support our growing community!

We believe that a peer-to-peer support model will make a huge impact on everyone in the nystagmus community. This model is based on support being provided by people who understand the impact of nystagmus on the various groups the charity supports. We want our volunteers to empower parents, teachers and adults with nystagmus and help us build a team of nystagmus specialists to support further the work of the charity.

The volunteer role

We believe that it is important that we have volunteers who are specialists in particular areas which the charity supports. So, we are asking for those people who are willing to answer any emails and / or phone calls from people from the following groups:

  • Parents – babies
  • Parents – school
  • Advocacy
  • Teachers – early years
  • Teachers – primary
  • Teachers – secondary
  • Adults – acquired nystagmus
  • Adults – congenital nystagmus
  • Fundraising
  • Events
  • Overseas

All volunteers will be required to adhere to our volunteer policy and they will be given training to undertake their role.

If you think you can make an impact and would like to volunteer for the Nystagmus Network please complete the form below. We will be in touch once we have reviewed your application and thank you for supporting the Nystagmus Network!

Application form

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Daniel Lewi

I am Dan and I joined the Nystagmus Network in 2016 as the Executive Information and Development Manager.