Mike Larcombe with Jay, Helena, Harsh and Sue at University Hospital Southampton.

Meet me in Southampton

This August the Nystagmus Network was finally able to meet with and celebrate the incredible achievements of a true nystagmus superhero, Mike Larcombe.

From December 2019 and for a total of three and a half months, Mike walked the entire length of New Zealand (yes! the North and the South Island!) following the Te Araroa pathway to raise funds for nystagmus research and awareness of the condition.

Along the way he endured very wet feet, a constantly rumbling tummy and often only the company of chickens!

As if that were not enough, in 2021 he was at it again, cycling (and singing!) all the way around Tasmania.

In total Mike has raised a whopping £6,500 for nystagmus research!

His feet were nice and dry this week as he chatted with Jay Self and Helena Lee, researchers and clinicians at University Hospital in Mike’s home town of Southampton along with Harshal Kubavat and Sue Ricketts from the Nystagmus Network. During their visit the group toured the clinics and research labs to find out where some of that hard earned fundraising money goes.

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