Wobbly Wednesday

The first Wednesday in November each and every year is the Nystagmus Networks’ national and international nystagmus awareness-raising day, Wobbly Wednesday.

Wobbly Wednesday 1 November 2017 – What will you Wobble?


After all the fun and excitement of Wobbly Wednesday 2016, we’re already planning to do it all again this year. This is your big opportunity to take part in the global celebration of everything wobbly and help us raise awareness of nystagmus.

On social media

On Facebook and Twitter you can join in the worldwide conversation, using #wobblywednesday. Post your wobbly photos, thoughts or questions and get the whole virtual community talking about nystagmus.

Making a donation

You can start fundraising already for WW 2017.

Text NYST77 £5 to 70070

Events during Wobbly Wednesday

Events will be organised once again in schools, hospitals, offices and universities all over the UK and abroad. There will be wobbly walks and dress down days, presentations and talks and hundreds and hundreds of cupcakes! Whatever you organise, the wobblier the better, please remember to let everyone know about it.

Wobbly Wednesday for schools

We have free downloadable Wobbly Wednesday resources for schools. Teachers, parents and children can downloaded the materials and use them to give talks, presentations and whole school assemblies to make sure that everyone knows that it’s Wobbly Wednesday again.

Wobbly Wednesday for clinics

There are resources for our friends in hospitals and clinics up and down the country, too. As part of your display, exhibition or presentation in your reception area or waiting room you can download our free PowerPoint presentation so that everyone visiting you on Wobbly Wednesday knows about nystagmus and where to come to get the support and information they need.

Thank you to everyone for supporting Wobbly Wednesday.