Wobbly Wednesday

The first Wednesday in November is the Nystagmus Network’s national and international nystagmus awareness day, Wobbly Wednesday.

Wobbly Wednesday 1 November 2017


This year’s theme is the Nystagmus Big Swim.

We want everyone to feel they can take part. So whether you’re looking forward to splashing around in the paddling pool at home, about to paddle in the sea on your first ever seaside holiday, learning to swim your very first width at the local baths, building up your laps in the fast lane at the gym, hoping to swim with dolphins, going scuba diving on holiday or planning to swim the English channel – you can take part in the Nystagmus Big Swim.

All you have to do is tell everyone about it and ask them to sponsor you.

On social media

On Facebook and Twitter you can join in the worldwide conversation, using #nystagmusbigswim. Post your Nystagmus Big Swim ideas, events, photos, thoughts or questions and get the whole virtual community talking about nystagmus.

Making a donation

You can start fundraising already for Wobbly Wednesday 2017. Go to our Nystagmus Big Swim campaign page today.

Alternatively, you can set up your own Justgiving page for your Wobbly Wednesday event.

Need a sponsor form? Contact us today.

Other events for Wobbly Wednesday

If you’re not into swimming – no problem! There are loads of other fun activities, at the pool side or anywhere else, that you can join in with or organise. How about a seaside themed party, Pooh sticks on the river, a bad taste beach wear fashion show, an angling match, a nautical themed pub quiz or, one of our favourites, a good old-fashioned bake sale with fishy themed cakes? For more ideas try our Wobbly Wednesday Event A-Z.

Why take part in Wobbly Wednesday?

Every time you tell someone what you’re doing and why, that’s one more person who understands what nystagmus is.

Every pound you raise will help the Nystagmus Network support our research teams across the UK to investigate this hugely complex condition, to find better diagnosis, treatments and continue to work towards prevention and cure.

Save the date! 1st November 2017

So please join in the Nystagmus Big Swim and help us raise awareness and as much money as we can.

Get started now and by Wobbly Wednesday 2017 on Wednesday 1st November we’ll be able to celebrate the big difference we’ve all made together.

Thank you to everyone for supporting Wobbly Wednesday, Nystagmus Awareness Day.