A child takes part in an online writing workshop with author, Helen Rutter. On his desk is Helen's book 'The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh'.

Children’s writing workshops this summer

Did you miss the children’s online writing workshop with fabulous children’s author, Helen Rutter? What a shame. That means you didn’t get to hear all about Helen’s inspiration behind her book ‘The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh’ and you didn’t get to meet her dog, Billy Whizz!

Never mind. There are two more workshops still to come.

The first is with ‘Secret Agent Striker’ author, Tim Pearce and the second is with children’s writer and illustrator, Claire Alexander, author of ‘A Little Bit Different’.

Meet Tim Pearce

Children aged 7 years and up are invited to join a FREE interactive workshop with Tim Pearce, author of Secret Agent Striker. Tim will share his passion for writing, his inspiration and what he plans to write about next. You can send your questions for Tim in advance to [email protected]

Monday 10 May: 4:30 to 5:30pm

Book the Zoom workshop with Tim here

Order Tim’s book on amazon Smile here

Meet Claire Alexander

The Nystagmus Network welcomes children aged 7 years and up to a FREE interactive online workshop with Claire Alexander, author of A Little Bit Different and her new book A Little Bit of Courage. Claire will share her passion for writing and illustration her inspiration and what she plans to write about next. You can send your questions for Claire in advance to [email protected]

Thursday 17 June: 4:30 to 5:30pm

Book the Zoom workshop with Claire here

Order Claire’s books on Amazon Smile here and here

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