How amazing is Maureen?

Maureen tells her own nystagmus success story …

I started school in 1945. They didn’t have the pre-school checks they have now.  No-one had noticed anything out of the ordinary. I was riding a two wheel bike before I was 4. I used to bump into things and fall off regularly, but nobody saw anything wrong, they just put it down to my age and being clumsy.  On my first day at school I came home saying I couldn’t see the blackboard. My parents said to ask if I could sit at the front, but I said I was sitting at the front. The school then got the nurse to check my sight. When they found I couldn’t see the top big letter I got referred to the hospital. I was prescribed dark tinted lenses and told to go back in 6 months. I then had clear lenses. All this time I was always reading comics and books. My parents were brave enough not to stop me doing anything. I continued riding my bike and reading. All this time I was going to the hospital every year for  eye tests. One year my sight had improved so much that I was able to get a driving licence. My sight continued to improve until I entered my 50s. I still have good enough sight that I only wear my glasses when we go out. I’m now 73 years old and have to have a new licence every 3 years.  I have to have a sight test. Last time I was sent to the test centre where I had to prove that I could read a number plate at the required distance. I passed, no problem. My nystagmus was caused by my Mother having rubella during her first 3 months of pregnancy. I consider myself as very, very lucky.

I believe my eyes gained in strength, because of my parents’ bravery in continuing to let me do the things I loved doing.  They were very supportive and encouraging. I hope this may help somebody and give them some hope that sometimes things can get better.


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