An Illustration of a vwery colourful friendly monster. He is green. He wears pink polka dot pyjamas and fluffy red slippers.

Kevin the Monster comes to life

Did you know that a very special group of young people with nystagmus have helped children’s author, Tim Pearce create a character for his brand new book, Secret Agent Striker Strikes Back?

Tim was kind enough to run a children’s story writing workshop for us last year. Tim and the children created a story and a brand new character together. That colourful character was Kevin the Monster. Here’s how it happened, by Tim:

“In May 2021, I had the pleasure of sitting down with an amazing charity called Nystagmus Network for a ‘meet the author’ event.

The love and positivity the children displayed throughout the story showed that we should treat everyone the same, regardless of differences. I am proud to have had the opportunity to have written this story with them and would like to say a massive thank you to Ameerah, Oscar, Hannah, Josh and Abbie, along with the other children who contributed to the story.” – Tim Pearce

Kevin has been brought to life from the children’s imaginations by Tim’s regular illustrator, Jodie Dowie.

Here’s what we think of Kevin.

“Very colourful, fun rainbow horns. It’s great to see our ideas put together.“ – Ameerah

“Please thank Jodie for this fantastic illustration! The colours are so vibrant and eye catching and I love the cave with all the little details. He looks actually very friendly and approachable in his eyes despite his giant size and appearance. Perfect!” – Karen Chu, Trustee

“Oh, my goodness the slippers!!! Kevin is truly amazing. The children will LOVE him!” Sue, Nystagmus Network

The book costs £7.99, includes the above image of Kevin the monster and an acknowledgement of the children from Tim and is in nystagmus friendly large print.

Order Secret Agent Striker Strikes Back from Smile Amazon here

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