Nerves of steel!

Four of our six remaining Nystagmus Network abseilers will finally (fingers crossed!) make their leap for nystagmus research this Sunday, 21 October, from the viewing platform at the top of the ArcelorMittal Orbit at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Vicky, Tom, Vanessa and Richard B managed to complete their abseil last month.

For the remaining Nystagmus Network team members the abseil was postponed last month, and then again earlier this month, due to high winds and heavy rains – not exactly the ideal weather conditions to be dangling by a rope from the UK’s tallest piece of public art.

So we’d just like to say a huge well done to Claire A, Claire B, GlenĀ andĀ Matt, for keeping their nerve and for continuing to raise sponsorship as they waited for their big moment. Every penny raised is going directly into groundbreaking nystagmus research happening right now at Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College, London.

It’s almost here (we hope)!

Everyone at Nystagmus Network will be thinking of you and the whole nystagmus community will be cheering you on.

Richard P and Vicky hope to make their leap for nystagmus on 28 October.


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