Nystagmus Awareness Day – for sports clubs

Calling all sports and athletics clubs – we want you to join us for ‘nystagmus in the open‘ on national and international Nystagmus Awareness Day on Wednesday 20 June. We need you to help us prove that children and adults with nystagmus can take part in sport and fitness, despite their visual impairment. So please organise a fun sports day or a try out session at your local club or recreation ground and invite everyone to come along. We have free flyers to help you publicise your event. There is even a free bunting template. But if you would like some balloons, you will need to contact us, please.

Last year, with the ‘nystagmus big swim’, we proved that people with nystagmus can be amazing swimmers. Our nystagmus water babies also helped us raise a lot of money through sponsorship. You can help us achieve the same success this year.

Thank you for your support.

To make a donation for Nystagmus Awareness Day, please visit our Justgiving page. Thank you.

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