The logo of the Instagram account @NystagmusYouth. A blue circle with the Nystagmus Network eye logo and a heart shaped pupil in the centre of the iris.

Nystagmus Network launches Nystagmus Youth

As part of the Nystagmus Network virtual Open day 2020 and as a new initiative to get younger people involved with the Network, the charity is creating a new online community for young people living with nystagmus. 

This community begins on Instagram and is a place for young adults and teens to share their stories, read about others with nystagmus and feel empowered about their lives.

They can get top tips, access useful content that is shared with the main Network and see funny and relatable posts.

Mainly, they can find out about other people their age growing up with nystagmus and see that they are part of a huge community.

There will be regular posts to share events as well as interactive stories for you to ask questions and get answers from experts and your peers.

It’s an accessible place for everyone.

Please do share this with any young people you know, follow us at @NystagmusYouth and message us if you’d like to be involved in sharing your own story.

This account was set up by two Nystagmus Network volunteers: Ahrian Taylor and Jaina Patel.

Follow @NystagmusYouth here

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