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Trustees publish their annual review

The Annual Report 2020 by trustees of the Nystagmus Network is now lodged with the Charity Commission and available to the public to read.

2020 was undoubtedly a most challenging year for the nystagmus community, the Nystagmus Network, people and services everywhere.

Despite the challenges of Covid-19, however, Chair of Trustees, Tim Cuddeford is pleased to report that 2020 was another positive year for the Nystagmus Network, thanks to the flexibility, innovation and resourcefulness of charity staff, volunteers, trustees and supporters. Thanks go, too, to National Lottery Players. Funding from the National Lottery Community Fund helped support the charity through some very difficult months.

The Nystagmus Network has been funding nystagmus research since the 1990s and continued to do so in 2020, with a new PhD post awarded, bringing another expert to the table, and another small grant award, both thanks to the charity’s funding partnership with Fight for Sight.

To find out how the charity adapted and developed to meet the changing needs of the nystagmus community during the pandemic, whilst continuing to fulfil its charitable objectives of support, awareness and research, you can read the full report by following the link below.

Read the Annual Report 2020 here

Read annual reports since 2015 here

Tim stands by a Christmas tree. He is holding a glass of wine and wearing a strand of tinsel around his shoulders.

A Christmas message from Tim

Nystagmus Network Chairman, Tim Cuddeford has sent a Christmas message to members of the Nystagmus Network.

Tim spoke of the challenges that 2020 has brought for everyone, not least the nystagmus community, but also highlighted the successes the charity has been able to achieve, thanks to the support of our intrepid fundraisers and donors and the generosity of National Lottery players and those who donated to the charity’s BBC Radio 4 appeal. The team has continued to provide support and information services, albeit virtually, and even fulfil research investment commitments, whilst adapting services to meet growing and changing needs.

The charity looks forward to a happier, healthier and safer New Year for all.

If you would like to join the Nystagmus Network as a member, you can find out more here

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