Proud of our track record

The Nystagmus Network has been funding nystagmus research since the 1990s and, thanks entirely to the generosity of our members, fundraisers and supporters, we continue to do so today and into the future.

Thanks to your support, our research teams have better diagnostics and a better understanding of nystagmus and how it will impact life in the future.

They are beginning to develop effective treatments to lessen the worst of the symptoms.

The next phase is to work on prevention and, ultimately, cure.

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Our advent calendar of Christmas gifts

Throughout December the Nystagmus Network will be reminding everyone just how many wonderful gifts of support and information the charity has to offer, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year.

Each day a new gift will pop up in your nystagmus advent calendar on our blog, on Facebook and on Twitter. Please share these with your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to give just a little back this Christmas if they can.

Please also share our Nystagmus is … this Christmas messages.

Thank you for your support

Order your Nystagmus Network Christmas Cards

Nystagmus Network Christmas cards are now on sale in our online shop.

These lovely cards were designed by Ben and Charlotte, Jack and Lilly who took part in our card design competition for the children attending Open Day with their families in September.

You can buy multiples of 4 or 10 cards. 4 cards cost £2. 10 cards cost £5.

Please help raise awareness of nystagmus with your friends and family this Christmas.

Order your cards today.