Front cover of the book 'Can I tell you about nystagmus?'.

Can I tell you about nystagmus?

Can I tell you about Nystagmus? is a guide for friends, family and professionals by Nadine Neckles (illustrated By Vikas Upadhyay).

Sue from the Nystagmus Network talks about Nadine’s book here.

In this friendly guide, a girl called Amber explains all about her ‘dancing eyes,’ or nystagmus. Amber explains how children with nystagmus might need to read, learn or play differently, and what their families, school and friends can do to help. She invites readers to learn the causes and symptoms, to help others understand the condition and help increase the self-esteem and confidence of those who have it. This accessible guide for children aged 7+ is an excellent starting point for parents, teachers and other professionals working with children with nystagmus. It includes a practical checklist of easy adaptations to make school or home environments easier and more enjoyable for children with nystagmus, as well as a helpful list of recommended resources for additional support.

You can order your copy of Nadine’s book here

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