Eliana is sitting on the floor cuddling a black Labrador dog.

Eliana’s story

This Nystagmus Awareness Day we’re inviting people who have nystagmus or care for someone who does to share their story.

You can share your story here

This is Eliana’s story

I don’t know what your world looks like, but mine probably looks a bit different. 

I have congenital nystagmus. That means that I was born with eyes that move involuntarily. I can’t always control them. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I know that seeing and looking makes me tired. I don’t like bright light and loud, busy places confuse me. It takes me a little longer to spot my friends and crossing the road is daunting because the vehicles are fast and loud. 

It’s something that makes me different from other people. I am pretty much the same as everyone else in many ways. The same but different. 

I am nine and a half. I love animals because they love you, no matter who you are. When I grow up I want to work in an animal shelter so that I can help dogs feel safe. 

Nystagmus won’t stop me. Nystagmus can’t stop me. 

Nystagmus has given me skills to adapt and feel the world around me. I don’t feel sorry for myself because I am happy being who I am. I accept that I am not an artist and ball sports really aren’t my thing, but I love swimming and horse riding. No one is good at everything after all! 

20 June is Nystagmus Awareness Day. People like me, with nystagmus, are sharing their stories so that our world is better understood.  

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