How amazing is Calum?

Once again, in the run up to Nystagmus Awareness Day on 20 June, we’re celebrating all your success stories in our campaign “How amazing are you?”

Here’s Calum’s story, by his Mum, Katie

Our son Calum is now ten years old and has congenital nystagmus. 

When he was first diagnosed we were told his eyesight was so bad he wouldn’t be able to do so many things.

However over time Calum has proved everyone wrong. He attends mainstream school (with input from a visual impairment teacher), has a wide circle of friends and doesn’t let anything hold him back.

He loves cycling and swimming and takes part in duathlon classes and triathlon competitions within his school. 

He also recently competed in a swimming gala.

And despite being told from very early on that he would never drive he loves cars, especially super cars! In fact when we are out driving and Calum spots a car he can name the make, model, engine size etc from a fair distance – quite an achievement! 

I’m not saying things aren’t difficult for Calum and he does have to try harder with a lot of things but we are so proud of everything Calum has achieved so far! 

Nystagmus Network: We look forward to seeing Calum on the real Mastermind in a few years’ time. His specialist subject? Super cars, of course!

If you would like to share your amazing nystagmus story, please contact us today. To help the Nystagmus Network support even more people to reach their amazing potential, please consider making a donation. Thank you.

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