Katrina wears her Girl Power T shirt.

How amazing is Katrina?

Katrina did well at school, has worked hard throughout the pandemic and keeps herself fit with clubbercise.

She says: I have had congenital nystagmus all my life and I have never let it hold me back.

This is Katrina’s amazing nystagmus story

My name is Katrina, I am 22 years old, I attended mainstream school and college and have got a Level 2 Business and Tourism and a Level 2 and 3 IT qualifications.

For the past 2 and a half years I have worked on a number of contracts with Vision Express, for Carlisle City Council and in two different schools.

I also attend Clubbercise once a week in a local community centre and also Girl Power fitness classes. These have helped me keep normality in my life during the COVID pandemic.

I have had congenital nystagmus all my life and I have never let this hold me back, especially through school and college.

How amazing are you?

It wouldn’t be Nystagmus Awareness Day without your amazing nystagmus stories. So once again we’re asking you to celebrate your achievements, despite of, or maybe even because of having nystagmus.

Not only do these stories help raise awareness of nystagmus, but they also bring hope to so many parents whose children have just been diagnosed. In previous years we’ve heard some truly amazing stories of success. We want to celebrate your achievements with you and make Nystagmus Awareness Day 2021 even more amazing!

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