Please vote for Ben

Ben Haynes is a talented young musician who just happens to have albinism and nystagmus. Ben has entered a music competition and needs your vote. We’ll let Ben explain …

Hi everyone. I’m a self employed musician from Nottingham with Albinism and Nystagmus. I performed a few songs at the Nystagmus Network Open day in Newcastle back in 2015.

I was hoping to ask you all a favour …

So I’m in this competition called Future Sound of Nottingham. I’m one of twelve semi-finalists. The winner gets to play Rock City (iconic venue) and then potentially, Splendour festival. Splendour is one of the biggest events in Nottingham. Here’s a link to the song I submitted.

In fear of sounding like a politician, do I have your vote??


You will be asked to provide both your email and mobile number. This is to ensure people don’t vote multiple times.

Once you’ve voted, please share with friends and family. Tagging people on social media is a great way to spread the word.

Thank you for your support X

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