People sitting together at a table enjoying breakfast.

Our ‘wonderful’ Landmark Trust weekend

Members of the Nystagmus Network acquired nystagmus and oscillopsia forum recently enjoyed a weekend away courtesy of the Landmark Trust ’50 for free’ programme.

The group stayed at the splendid Georgian property, Elton House, in the centre of Bath, where we enjoyed all the comforts of modern living and all the attractions of the city right on our doorstep.

A member of our group spoke for all of us when she said: “Our recent weekend in Bath was a wonderful experience and a chance for us to meet each other in person for the first time. It enabled people to be themselves without judgements being made about missed steps or where we sat in a restaurant. The group was such a success, you wouldn’t know we had only just met!”

Another group member said: “It was so lovely to meet you all in Bath and, whilst tiring for us sufferers, was a great opportunity to chat on a more personal level. We had a great connection and got on so well. I felt like we could see (and appreciate) our individual characters, despite the very troublesome nystagmus. Thank you so much to the Landmark Trust.”

The picture shows group members enjoying brunch together at a local deli