a postcard advertising the Night in with the Nystagmus Network

Night in with the Nystagmus Network

The Nystagmus Network virtual Open Day takes place on 3 October, with presentations, workshops, forums and fun for everyone.

The day, full of support and information and everything nystagmus, draws to a close in the evening with the spectacular Night in with the Nystagmus Network, a virtual supper party with an amazing guest speaker.

Night in guests (members of the Nystagmus Network and invited VIPs) will receive a set menu to prepare at home, purchase as a ready meal or order in, the recipe of the Nystagmus Network Cocktail (with an alcohol free version) and your entry form to the Nystagmus Network virtual Treasure Hunt. From 7.30pm onwards you will enjoy the company of your fellow dinners and some special announcements along the way. Plus you will be entertained and inspired by your very special guest speaker, the fabulous Mike Larcombe.

Booking is open NOW.