Our £17,000 investment in research

Nystagmus Network trustees have donated £17,000 to the paediatric fund of the University of Southampton’s Gift of Sight appeal. The money will be used to purchase a hand-held RETeval device, an imaging tool which will help diagnose changes that may impact a patient’s vision, and 4x Cervical Range-of-Motion instruments (CROM) to measure head postures. Patients … Continue reading Our £17,000 investment in research

Wiggly Walk 2

The amazing Mike Larcombe, nystagmus champion extraordinaire is at it again! You will remember, of course, that in 2019/2020 Mike walked the entire length of New Zealand to raise awareness and funds for nystagmus research. New to Mike’s story? Catch up on the all the highlights here This New Year sees Mike embark on another … Continue reading Wiggly Walk 2

Night in with the Nystagmus Network

Virtual Open Day 2020, on Saturday 3 October, will close with A Night in with the Nystagmus Network, a virtual supper party for members and invited VIP guests.  This is a fabulous opportunity to meet, chat and network with nystagmus experts, guest speakers and presenters, supporters and members of the Nystagmus Network whilst enjoying a relaxed … Continue reading Night in with the Nystagmus Network

Mike’s a Nystagmus Super Hero

In case you haven’t heard yet, Southampton born, Mike Larcombe, who has CN, set off on his Walk for Wiggly Eyes on 16 December. Mike is walking the entire length of both islands of New Zealand to raise awareness of nystagmus and funding for nystagmus research. The Nystagmus Network is one of Mike’s 3 chosen beneficiary charities. The others … Continue reading Mike’s a Nystagmus Super Hero

Trekking through Middle Earth for nystagmus research

Follow Mike’s wiggly progress on his Facebook page, here and donate to his Nystagmus Network fundraising page, here. A sight-impaired young Englishman, Mike Larcombe, is preparing to trek across New Zealand to raise money for a complex eye condition that blurs his vision. Mike has nystagmus, which he refers to as “wiggly eyes” and so … Continue reading Trekking through Middle Earth for nystagmus research