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What shapes quality of life of visually impaired children and young people?

Guest post by Ana Semrov, PhD student and study researcher, Vision and Eyes research team at UCL

Childhood visual impairment can have a significant impact on a person across their whole life, affecting their social and educational outcomes, career prospects and quality of life. However, how individual children and their families adapt to living with a visual disability is very variable. 

We aim to find out what helps children and young people with visual impairment and their families adjust to living with impaired eyesight and helps them have a good quality of life. We hope this will help us to develop and improve care and support for families of children and young people with visual impairment. 

To do this, we are inviting children and young people with visual impairment and their families to take part in our study. Taking part in this study would involve both the child/young person with visual impairment and at least one of their parents/carers completing some questionnaires about topics like general health, well-being, and relationships with others.

If you would like to participate, please fill in a few questions that will tells us a bit about you to help us make sure this study is right for you. To answer these questions, please go to

This research is funded by Fight for Sight and Ulverscroft Foundation, awarded to Professor Jugnoo Rahi.

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