A graphic of Mike dressed as the wiggly eyed warrior.

Wiggly Walk 2

The amazing Mike Larcombe, nystagmus champion extraordinaire is at it again!

You will remember, of course, that in 2019/2020 Mike walked the entire length of New Zealand to raise awareness and funds for nystagmus research.

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This New Year sees Mike embark on another ‘out of this world’ challenge.

Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, Mike, the self-styled “wiggly eyed warrior” in reference to his own nystagmus, is embarking on Wiggly Walk 2. The new ‘walk’ is actually a bike ride – around the entire island of Tasmania.

Mike says: “I will be riding a bicycle around Tasmania for Nystagmus Network because together we can help find a cure for nystagmus”.

Find out more about Wiggly Walk 2 here

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