Nystagmus Champions of 2022

A Nystagmus Champion is someone who goes above and beyond to raise awareness of the condition, to raise funds or generally make life better for people living with nystagmus.

The Nystagmus Champions of 2022, announced at our virtual Open Day on 1 October are:


Three images, showing Lucy holding her daughter; Maisie smiling at the camera and some chocolate cake.

Mum to Maisie and partner to Myles, we’re sure it’s no surprise to them that Lucy has been nominated as a Nystagmus Champion for her baking skills. We’re no Paul or Prue, but we know that there must be something very special about Lucy’s cakes and about Lucy, herself. Earlier this year, Lucy took on a 12-hour bake-a-thon, making everything from Lemon Drizzle cake to chocolate brownies. She did get Maisie’s nursery to join in, too, but baked most of the cakes herself, making full use of her two ovens at home. She raised a lot of awareness and a phenomenal £2,000. Well done, Lucy! And thank you!


A group of people wearing Nystagmus Network T-shirts standing with their backs to the camera outside a branch of Specsavers.

Back in June we took a call from an enthusiastic young man. He said he’d like to take part in Nystagmus Awareness Day and could we please send him some T-shirts. This was Khalil. As we chatted, he revealed that he had nystagmus himself. He also shared that he was the Assistant Manager of the Leicester branch of Specsavers. What a tremendous achievement! Khalil has been nominated as a Nystagmus Champion of 2022 for persuading his entire staff team to wear Nystagmus Network T-shirts and wristbands on Nystagmus Awareness Day and sharing the photos across the local press and social media. Thank you, Khalil. We are so grateful for your support.


Tracy wearing a Nystagmus Network T-shirt, posing for the camera with her son.

2022 was not the first time that Tracy chose to do something energetic for the nystagmus cause. But this time it was particularly strenuous. She took part in the full Ironman. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike ride, followed by a 26.2 mile run. Yes, that’s right. That last bit is a marathon! Despite picking up a knee injury in training, Tracy completed the challenge and raised £1,500 in the process, making her family and especially her son, Alfie, very proud indeed. Thank you, Tracy for all the energy. You are a Nystagmus Champion.


Charlie with members of his football team outside the football club, wearing their Nystagmus Network branded sports tops.

7-year-old Charlie has nystagmus. He’s also a huge football fan and one to watch for the future, we think. When his cub team were looking for sponsorship for their kit, young Charlie decided to write to his Mum’s bank. They would have plenty of money! Luke, the bank manager took part in a triathlon and raised the sum needed, but then he asked Charlie to nominate a charity whose logo should appear on the kit. And this is how the boys got their Nystagmus Network sports tops. And don’t they look smart! We’re not sure how the tops have helped with goal scoring, but we’re sure that Charlie has a stellar career ahead of him. Congratulations, Charlie.

A row of people stand outside Specsavers wearing Nystagmus Network T-shirts.

Leicester optician puts nystagmus in Focus

Having nystagmus hasn’t stopped Leicester’s Khalil Musani from forging a career in optics and helping others look after their eyes

When Khalil secured a Saturday job at a Leicester opticians in 2017 it proved to be the catalyst to fulfilling his ambition to work in optometry. 

Now, aged 21, and assistant manager at Specsavers Leicester, Khalil wants to raise awareness of nystagmus, the condition he has lived with for most of his life, alongside building a career in optics.

On Nystagmus Awareness Day 2022, Khalil and his entire staff team donned Nystagmus Network T-shirts and wristbands to raise awareness of nystagmus and support the work of the charity.

For his tremendous support, raising awareness of nystagmus and to honour his career success, the Nystagmus Network has nominated Khalil one of the ‘nystagmus champions’ of 2022. Join us to celebrate Khalil and all the nystagmus champions of 2022 at Open Day.

Khalil’s inspiring story has been told in local press articles in print and online.

Read a Leicester Times article online here

A graphic of Mike dressed as the wiggly eyed warrior.

Wiggly Walk 2

The amazing Mike Larcombe, nystagmus champion extraordinaire is at it again!

You will remember, of course, that in 2019/2020 Mike walked the entire length of New Zealand to raise awareness and funds for nystagmus research.

New to Mike’s story? Catch up on the all the highlights here

This New Year sees Mike embark on another ‘out of this world’ challenge.

Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, Mike, the self-styled “wiggly eyed warrior” in reference to his own nystagmus, is embarking on Wiggly Walk 2. The new ‘walk’ is actually a bike ride – around the entire island of Tasmania.

Mike says: “I will be riding a bicycle around Tasmania for Nystagmus Network because together we can help find a cure for nystagmus”.

Find out more about Wiggly Walk 2 here

The Nystagfmus Network logo and the words 'nystagmus champions 2021'

The Nystagmus Champions of 2021

Nystagmus Network Vice-chair, Peter Greenwood, was delighted to announce the ‘nystagmus champions’ of 2021 at the end of Open Day party on 25 September.

Tyler Urquhart
The Urquhart family are, quite literally, tireless supporters of the Nystagmus Network.
This year they walked ran or swam 200km over 30 days. Everyone took part, even the dog!
We like to encourage children and young people to own their nystagmus and help us raise awareness on Nystagmus Awareness Day.
11-year-old Tyler always goes one better than that. In previous years he’s organised a sponsored school walk and a quiz and even approached local businesses for prizes for the winning and losing teams.
This year he was hard at it once again, manning a stall in his Nystagmus Network T-shirt, helping his family smash their £250 fundraising target. We hear he did a lot of the running, walking and swimming, too!  Well done, Tyler.

Sarah Mills
There aren’t many people in Derbyshire who haven’t heard of nystagmus. That’s all down to one woman, Sarah Mills.
Sarah has been running for the Nystagmus Network for a number of years and achieving some really great press coverage along the way.
This July she excelled herself, completing the Peak District Ultra Challenge – 100km in 24 hours.
Not only that, but she persuaded scores of local businesses to donate raffle prizes, too.
Sarah has raised over £2,000 this year, for the nystagmus community and for her beautiful daughter, Delilah.

James Singleton
We first heard from James when he contacted the charity in December 2020 to let us know he’d signed up for the 19-21 challenge. James’s challenge was to run 300km in January 2021. He was doing it for his son, his ‘little champ’.
This being James, he got a whole lot of mates involved. There weren’t many people in Jersey who hadn’t seen a bright blue T-shirt go flashing past by the end of the month.
Together they raised over £1500.
In June 2021 James was at it again, running the Canaccord Half Marathon in Jersey, with his sister, Laura. Together they raised another £680.
In September James held a Nystagmus Network charity day at his golf club. James and his fellow golfers raised over £5,000 and a very good time was had by all.

Thank you to all three of our Nystagmus Champions of 2021 and to all our wonderful supporters.