Albinism Awareness Day

We join our sister charity, Albinism Fellowship UK, today in celebrating Albinism Awareness Day, with a special guest blog post from AFUK Chair, Roselle Potts. Help us to raise positive awareness on our international campaign day June 13th is an important date for people with albinism everywhere. It’s International Albinism Awareness Day, when people with … Continue reading Albinism Awareness Day

How amazing is Rosine?

Hi there. I just wanted to share with you the amazing journey I’ve embarked on in Blind Tennis, a sport that has given me my freedom, my independence and my life, whilst living with Nystagmus, strabismus and astigmatism! A couple of weeks ago I was part of the team of 8 representing Great Britain in … Continue reading How amazing is Rosine?

How amazing is Charlie?

I’m Charlie, I’m 14 years old and live in Lincoln. I live with my parents, my brother and sister. I’m currently studying for my GCSEs. I would love to do Maths, Psychology and Government and Politics A levels. Eventually, I’d like to train as a Barrister in Criminal Law. My life growing up has always been a … Continue reading How amazing is Charlie?

How amazing is Matt?

Matt has nystagmus, but, as his Mum tells us, he is on the road to a stellar career. Matt is currently the director / choreographer for a production of Joseph in our local area later this year. There are 50 young people in the show and he works tirelessly for the group. He has been … Continue reading How amazing is Matt?

Open Day tickets for members – available soon

Tickets to the biggest UK nystagmus event of the year will soon be available to book. Subscribed members of the charity will be able to book their priority free tickets to our annual Open Day from 12.00 midday on Thursday 26 June. Members will be notified with details of how to book their places by … Continue reading Open Day tickets for members – available soon

How amazing is Katrina?

Katrina thinks she’s just a regular student who happens to have nystagmus – we think she’s an amazing nystagmus ambassador! Here’s Katrina’s nystagmus story … I am 19 years old. I attended a mainstream school and was treated like everyone else. I felt no different. In my exams I had A3 papers and extra time, … Continue reading How amazing is Katrina?

How amazing is Mehak?

Growing up with nystagmus and albinism, I hated school and social interaction. I was always self-conscious and easily embarrassed that my weak eyesight, poor balance and hypersensitivity to sunlight made me rubbish at activities like sports and hiking. I was, however, always good at academics and especially loved reading. In my early years at school, … Continue reading How amazing is Mehak?