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Our £17,000 investment in research

Nystagmus Network trustees have donated £17,000 to the paediatric fund of the University of Southampton’s Gift of Sight appeal.

The money will be used to purchase a hand-held RETeval device, an imaging tool which will help diagnose changes that may impact a patient’s vision, and 4x Cervical Range-of-Motion instruments (CROM) to measure head postures.

Patients with Nystagmus typically move their heads to access the best angle for their sight
and measuring this activity will provide further data to study this condition.

The new equipment will be used in both clinical and research settings and enable the Southampton team to access further research funding.

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Jay Self said: “This funding will have immediate impact on children with nystagmus in addition to providing a small equipment contribution to allow our larger clinical trial to be funded and approved by NIHR.”

Trustees were able to make this investment thanks to the generosity of the Nystagmus Network’s supporters and fundraisers, notably Southampton-born Mike Larcombe who, in 2021, completed his Wiggly Walk 2, a cycle ride around Tasmania, and raised a further £1,000 in sponsorship. Thank you, Mike.

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