Magnets and nystagmus – research news update

Researchers at University College London, Moorfields Eye Hospital, and the University of Oxford are developing magnetic implants to treat nystagmus. Last year, Nystagmus Network assisted Dr Parashkev Nachev, from University College London, in recruiting suitable candidates with the acquired from of nystagmus to take part in the next stage trial, following initial success with a single subject. … Continue reading Magnets and nystagmus – research news update

New research project on visual crowding in CIN

A new research project is being undertaken at Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College London. The aim of the study is to understand better the visual abilities of people with congenital nystagmus, with a particular focus on visual crowding, a phenomenon which occurs when an object that is visible in isolation becomes impossible to recognise … Continue reading New research project on visual crowding in CIN

Training boost for orthoptists

Future generations of orthoptists graduating from Sheffield University will be even better placed to help nystagmus patients thanks to a new £30,000 eye movement recording laboratory. Only two other universities (Liverpool and Glasgow Caledonian) train orthoptists, so Sheffield’s new facility will have big impact on the profession. Within five years around 250 orthoptists will have … Continue reading Training boost for orthoptists