A postcard with pictures of people walking and the words Nystagmus Network walk 500 miles for nystagmus research.

Could you help us walk 500 miles?

If 50 people each walked 10 miles and raised £100 in sponsorship, that would be £5,000 for nystagmus research.

Why 500 miles?

That’s roughly the distance you’d cover if you walked from one UK nystagmus research centre to all the others. Let’s see if we can do it!

Starting at University Hospital, Plymouth, calling at The University of SouthamptonCardiff UniversityMoorfields, LondonThe University of Leicester, you’d eventually arrive at the University of Sheffield some 565 miles later. But you can walk just 10 miles.

What would £5,000 buy?

Here’s a list of just some of the things Nystagmus Network trustees could invest £5,000 in:

  • diagnostic equipment for use in a research or clinical setting
  • an academic post to focus on an aspect of nystagmus
  • a brand new in person nystagmus research trial

How to set up your 10 mile walk

  1. Decide on your route – you can build up your 10 miles with lots of shorter walks over several days
  2. Set up your Justgiving page for your sponsors here; we’ll help you promote it
  3. Download a sponsor form here for your offline donations
  4. Tell all your friends and family about your walk
  5. Tell the Nystagmus Network!

Walk with us!

There’s still time to register to join Team Nystagmus Network to walk Eye to Eye at 11am on Sunday 10th March. You can choose to walk the 4 or 14 mile route.

Team Nystagmus Network sets off at 11am.

Who’s on the team?

Join Ella and Sam, Andy and Heidi, Andrew, Orla, Nikki and Tremaine, Marc, Mila, Carmen, Imma, Becky, Maria and Katie, Trudy and team ‘Oscar’, and not forgetting Frances. So far these wonderful people have already raised a massive £5,000 for nystagmus research at Moorfields and UCL. Please come and join them and help boost their total even higher. Together, we can make a real difference.

Nystagmus Network trustees will be at the starting point to wave you off and will be walking the route with you, too.

Set up your Justgiving page

Click here to join the team today then set up your Justgiving page and link it to the Nystagmus Network to ensure that every penny you raise goes to nystagmus research.


Walk Eye to Eye for nystagmus research

Supporters of the Nystagmus Network and anyone keen to raise money for nystagmus research at Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College, London can now sign up to walk Eye to Eye in March 2019.

The Eye to Eye walk takes a route (you can choose either 4 or 14 miles) from the London Eye on the South Bank of the Thames to the iconic eye sign outside Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Join Team Nystagmus Network for the walk to make sure that every penny you raise in sponsorship goes directly into ground-breaking nystagmus research at Moorfields and UCL.

We’ll be setting off at 11am on Sunday 10 March. Bring the family, bring the dog! Everyone welcome.

Please sign up today!

The Eye2Eye walk for nystagmus research

In partnership with Moorfields Eye Charity, the Nystagmus Network is recruiting a team to take part in the Eye2Eye walk from the London Eye to the iconic eye on the front of the Moorfields Eye Hospital building. The walk takes place on Sunday 10 March 2019 and you can choose to walk 4 or 14 miles. Bring the children, bring the dog! Have a great day out and help us raise lots of money for nystagmus research at Moorfields and University College, London. To apply, please email us at [email protected] or call 01427 718093.